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Kinstretch With Beard offers an online mobility membership dedicated to enhancing joint health, muscle capability, and range of motion, empowering you to overcome your limitations and unlock your true potential. The price is $59.99 USD per month, but you can cancel anytime. Suitable for all levels, including beginners.

What is Kinstretch?

Kinstretch is a movement enhancement system created by world-renowned movement specialist Dr. Andreo Spina. This is the most comprehensive mobility training system in the world that goes beyond traditional stretching routines and flexibility methods. Kinstretch not only expands range of motion and improves flexibility, but it also strengthens range of motion to develop optimal body control. While the improvements in range of motion are great, the real game changers of Kinstretch are found within the reduction of pain, the resiliency against injuries, and the improvements in athletic performance. REAL mobility training, like Kinstretch, will make you a far more capable, athletic, and resilient human being. 

Amir Zandi Kinstretch Instructor Stretching With a Dumbell

Mobility is the Foundation to Health.

Joint limitations and restricted mobility can result in chronic pain, stiffness, injuries, and plateaus in strength. These limitations impede performance in various activities, from sports to daily life. Kinstretch empowers us to cultivate functional joints, improved range of motion, and purposeful muscles, laying the groundwork for a high-functioning body. This foundation enhances performance, resilience, and LONGEVITY in all physical pursuits.

Course Features

Our program library is highly customizable, offering options for frequency, difficulty, duration, and joint focus. With prerecorded classes for every joint from your neck to toes, unlimited replays, and a detailed beginner section, you'll find the perfect fit for your goals and schedule. Plus, you'll have exclusive forum access for guidance and questions, with no prior mobility experience required.

No Experience Required

Train Anywhere With Little to No Gear

Unlimited Access to Content

Specifically Target Your Personal Needs

Expert Instruction, Guidance, & Support

Take the Guesswork Out of Training

How the Membership Works


The Membership

  • Over 185 specialized follow along classes with in-depth cues. 

  • Over 100 programs, including top recommended programs tailored to YOU.

  • New classes and programs added monthly.

Classes by Joint

  • Targeted training for all body parts

  • Find classes for the Hip, Shoulder, Scapula, Neck, Thoracic Spine, Lumbar Spine, Knee, Ankle, Wrist, Elbow, Pelvis, Fingers, Toes, TMJ

  • Joint specific classes also strengthen muscles and connective tissue.

Tailored to You

  • Classes for every experience level: beginner, intermediate, advanced.

  • Clear progressions for continuous improvement.

  • Variety in class lengths: from 10min-75min so there’s always a class that fits your schedule


Flexible Scheduling

  • Programs have class options from 1-7 times per week.

  • Programs detail exact class selection and scheduling.

  • Top recommended beginner programs highlighted to take out guesswork.

Introduction & Progression

  • Introductory section to onboard new members.

  • Learn about Kinstretch concepts and body awareness.

  • Built-in progressions in programs for month over month growth.

Support & Community

  • Exclusive access to Forums for Q&A

  • Direct support for your mobility journey.

  • Engage with a community of peers.

  • Students can reach out directly through Instagram DM as well

Try a Sample Class

Explore a sample of Kinstretch with my free class on YouTube, where you'll discover that mobility training is a challenging form of strength training. The channel also features breakdowns of Kinstretch concepts, movement tutorials, and more insights into this unique training approach.


Through specific and intentional mobility training we can greatly reduce our pain, strengthen areas of weakness, improve our joint health, and develop a far more capable body.

- Amir "Beard" Zandinejad

Amir Zandi Kinstretch Instructor

Your Instructor Amir "Beard" Zandinejad

My name is Amir Zandinejad, but I’m known as ‘Beard’. I am a 36 year old certified mobility specialist. I’ve been a personal trainer for over 13 years and been working out for almost 20 years. I spent the majority of that time only doing weight lifting and cardio, with zero emphasis (or understanding) of mobility training. Over the years, my body became stiff, I felt really old, and I struggled with chronic pain and reoccurring injuries. These limitations left me feeling hopeless, and wreaked havoc on my mental health. At 28 years old, I had officially reached rock bottom. It was on that night where everything changed and I promised myself that I would get my health right. It was a long process of trying to find the answers I was desperately seeking. At age 30, I discovered mobility training through the Functional Range Systems by Dr. Andreo Spina. I instantly fell in love with this type of training and proceeded to take 15 of their seminars all over the world. This is where I got certified as a Mobility Specialist and Kinstretch instructor. Through mobility training I’ve been able to completely revamp my health and change the trajectory of my life. I launched my online membership Kinstretch With Beard in 2020, with the goal being to help others make similar transformations in their health and quality of life. 

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Kinstretch Benefits


  • Overall Strength 

  • Flexibility/Mobility

  • Athletic Performance

  • Body Control & Awareness


  • Joint Health & Function

  • Posture

  • Muscular Imbalances

  • Longevity & Quality of Life


  • Aches & Pains

  • Stiffness & Tightness

  • Knots & Muscle Tension

  • Movement Compensations


  • Joints

  • Connective Tissue

  • Muscles

  • Full Ranges of Motion

Who is this for?

Kinstretch is expertly designed to benefit individuals of all ages, skill levels, and backgrounds. Whether you're young or old, just starting your fitness journey or already a seasoned athlete, this training will elevate your joint function and movement capacity, amplifying your athletic performance in ALL physical pursuits. From weightlifting and cardio to calisthenics, various sports, and everyday activities, Kinstretch empowers us to unlock our true potential. At its core, our ability to move defines our quality of life. With Kinstretch, we have the power to transcend our movement limitations, leading to a life with fewer constraints and greater freedom. If you're ready to embrace a life with more possibilities, Kinstretch is your path to that extraordinary journey.

Student Testimonials

"I can't remember the last time my body felt this good. Every single morning I'd get out of bed with pain and stiffness in my back, knees, and feet. Now it's like I have a brand new body and feel so young and move around without having to worry about aches and pain."

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I do this while doing weightlifting and cardio?
    Absolutely. Most of my students combine Kinstretch with other forms of training like weight lifting, cardio, or sports. You can either do Kinstretch on its own day or combine both Kinstretch and other forms of training on the same day. If you’re doing weights and Kinstretch on the same day, I recommend targeting different areas at first. For example, you could do upper body weights and lower body Kinstretch. If you target different areas it won’t matter which form of training you do first - that’s all personal preference. If you’re doing a high impact aerobic session (like running) and lower body Kinstretch on the same day, I recommend doing running first. Or you can pair it with an upper body Kinstretch if your lower body is fatigued.
  • I have nagging injuries / pain. Is this still for me?
    I’ve had so many students come into this program with old injuries, chronic pain, imbalances, dysfunction, and movement limitations, and they’ve seen tremendous progress. The beautiful thing about Kinstretch is that it will highlight your areas of weakness and limitation, areas that are likely contributing to or exaggerating these types of issues. Once we strengthen these areas you will greatly improve these limitations and unlock much healthier movement. Another great thing about Kinstretch; YOU control the intensity through your internal tension and effort. So when you’re training in these areas of past weakness or injury, just keep your intensity levels low at first and work in a more moderate range of motion. Go at your own pace, only work in pain-free ranges of motion, and then gradually build up the intensity over time - adhering to progressive overload. These are all things that I talk about inside the membership!
  • How many classes do I do in a week?
    How many classes you do a week is totally dependent on YOU; your goals, schedule, and capacity for training volume. I have program options anywhere from 2-7x a week so you can find a schedule that works best for YOU. You can even do classes just once per week if desired. I generally recommend beginners to start with 2-3 classes per week, with 3 being the sweet spot, but some students start with less and some start with more. Regardless of how many classes you want to do a week, there will be a specific program available for that so you can accommodate your own schedule and goals. Find a schedule that's realistic for you, and always remember; anything is better than nothing!
  • How long are the classes?
    I have over 165 classes and the length of classes can range anywhere from 10 - 75 minutes. I've made several options in each time length bracket to make sure I can accommodate everyone's schedule and goals! I've created pre-made programs with different class length options as well: I have programs that feature classes that are around 45 - 75 minutes. I have other programs that feature classes around 20 - 45 minutes. I have other programs that feature classes around 15 - 30 minutes. And another program where the classes are only 15 minutes long. So you can pick out a program that has class length options that are realistic for you and your schedule!
  • What equipment is needed for the membership?
    As far as equipment needed for the program: I recommend getting 4 regular size yoga blocks (9x6x4) and 2 slightly smaller blocks (9x6x3). I also recommend getting a stretching band and a mat for floor work. There are over 50 classes (out of 165) that require no equipment at all, but in the other classes we often use yoga blocks and a mat (to lay on). I got all my equipment from amazon and there’s some options on there that actually sell yoga blocks with stretching bands as a combo. Here’s the 9x6x4 yoga blocks I bought Here’s the 9x6x3 blocks and this comes with a stretching band Here’s a stretching band (if you don’t want the yoga block + band combo)
  • When I join, is there a place to ask questions?
    Yes! All members have access to our private forum, found directly on our Kinstretch With Beard membership site. You can ask all your questions here and receive a response from Coach Amir within 24 hours.
  • Can I do Kinstretch if I have hypermobility?
    Yes. I have several students with hypermobility. Those with hypermobility essentially have far more passive range of motion than they do active range of motion. The mobility concepts that we teach in Kinstretch emphasize the importance of developing active strength and control of those ranges, so we can minimize the gap between passive and active ranges. This is incredibly important for people with hypermobility to help improve stability, strength, control, and resiliency against injuries. Within the membership, I actually have an introductory video that is specifically for those with Hypermobility. This video will break down some important information on Hypermobility and offer one simple modification you will want to make in a certain concept that we teach in Kinstretch.
  • How is Kinstretch different from yoga?
    Kinstretch is a form of strength training that strengthens our joints, connective tissue, and end-range muscle. While yoga can feel hard, that doesn’t necessarily mean we’re doing high level strength training. Yoga is not the ideal environment for strength training level intensity or progressive overload. Our primary goal in Kinstretch is to make you stronger, more athletic, and resilient. We achieve this by addressing specific areas of weakness that contribute to pain, injury, dysfunction, or limit your strength potential. Additionally, we enhance our range of motion, with an emphasis on active range. In yoga, the original intention was to connect mind, body, and spirit, in the process of achieving self-actualization. In many practices you’re cued to breathe and relax through stretches, which over time you can improve range of motion, but sometimes you develop far more passive range than active. Active range = strength/control/stability. In Kinstretch, we have classes organized by joint focus and position. For example, we have hip classes for Internal Rotation, or External rotation, or Flexion/Extension/Abduction/Adduction. We have classes for ALL joints/positions. If someone has a limitation somewhere, they can address that area specifically. In yoga, there isn’t the same joint-anatomy organization or specificity. None of this makes yoga bad and there are still health benefits. However, it is fundamentally different from mobility training like Kinstretch. Remember that the original intention of Yoga was not purely for a mobility training practice. I actually have several students who are yogis, and they've found that Kinstretch has significantly improved their abilities in their yoga practice. So if you're a yogi and want to do both yoga and Kinstretch, that is totally okay!
  • Can I cancel my membership at any time?
    Yes. Kinstretch With Beard is a monthly membership but you can cancel or pause anytime. No long term commitment is needed. As long as your membership is active you have access to all the content. You can do these classes and programs as many times as you want and for as long as you want. For me, mobility training is a part of a healthy lifestyle. I’m going on year 6 of doing this type of training.

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Kinstretch Journey.

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